Icarus flew high…


Time has gone by and we’ve reached Ash Monday… We are all expecting to enjoy our meal and fly our kite! We can still make it and have the best of time even if it is a last minute thing.

Hopefully it won’t be raining on Monday and we will be able to fly our kite, preferably before lunch. Kite flying is definitely, the most amusing part of the specific day for young and old. “Ruuun” “Loosennn” we hear from everywhere as we enjoy watching the kites in the air! We all know Daedalus and Icarus as they are familiar for flying very high in the sky. Our kite, Icarus, will make the difference even if the weather is not windy. It neither rips nor breaks while it withstands any kind of discomfort and it flies easily! It folds and assembles effortlessly…even kids can do it! This year, our kite is going to reach the sky and we are all going to watch him and admire him!

Now that we flew our kite, it is time we went to eat! A variety of “mezedes” with some octopus marinated in vinegar, fried squid and, of course, taramosalata. How do you prefer preparing your taramosalata? We suggest with potato and some garlic for extra taste and without extra effort. With the handheld masher we can grind the potatoes in no time, with the garlic peeler and grater we mash the garlic by avoid having smelly hands and with the press citron we finish our recipe and give our final touch we some lemon!

As for our fried and boiled dishes, our Copper pan will prepare everything in the most healthy way and without the fear that our food is going to stick on our kitchenware. Plus, we don’t need to struggle by washing them as they are very easy to wash.

With the Easy Five set of 5 kitchen scissors, the sharpest and sturdiest scissors/knives, we can dice, slice, cut any food, even frozen foods!

For perfect salads and fruit salads in an instant, try the Nicer Dicer Magic Cube with four different work surfaces!

Happy Ash Monday!!!