Let's get Fit!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Summer_Lets_get_fit.jpgWell, now that the sun has started to dance more and more each day, our mood is also getting its sunshine, and the days lying at the beach, playing beach rackets, sun tanning and chilling out, are not far away!

It is a fact that during the summer, due to the unbearable heat, our dress-code demands that we wear less clothes, and a tanned skin is without a doubt a good sign that we are enjoying the sunshine and all the freedoms that follow it. However, since our exposure to the sun and also to the eyes of other people is of significant importance to us, to our health and to our appearance, it is vital to be well prepared for that. So, the time is right, to step outside, exercise and shape up! 

From history, we know that the ancient Greeks admired the aesthetics of physical beauty, and praised it by decorating their cities and temples with beautiful statues. The reason for that is that a well-shaped and fit body accurately reflects a person's overall health status. So, physical beauty is not only part of our history, but also an essential element of our health and wellbeing. And because the summertime is an ideal chance for us to show off our "wonders", we should start preparing for that right away! 

In order to help the situation, the TmStore.gr, acting like a “deus ex machina”, created once again a “dream team list” with clever, fast and effective solutions for all of us, so that we are in our best physical shape for this summer. Enjoy!

Walkmaxx Running – The Walkmaxx Running are sport shoes that fit perfectly to your every step. Their secret lies in their very flexible outsole, which absorbs the shocks, and  results to helping you exercise your whole body while running.

Abs and Core
 – For all those who are too busy to find time to exercise, probably the best solution is Abs and Core. You can get great abs and a sexy silhouette fast and effortlessly!

Mass 'n' Slim – A comfortable slimming panty that will definitely make the difference. It firmly reshapes and reduces centimeters off your contour, thanks to its specially reinforced fabric, made up of natural bamboo fibers.

Iron Gym – A simple and quite intuitive multi-function training system that raises the bar on upper-body exercise! It easily adapts on door frames, and it is perfect for pull-ups, push-ups and ab-crunches.

Torso Track – A revolutionary exercise system for toning, firming and strengthening your abs, upper arms, shoulders and back, with only 5 minutes of workout.

Reduxelle – The slimming solution that you have always... dreamed of! A special cream that helps you reduce localized fat, thanks to its Caffeine, Plant complexes, and L-Carnitine ingredients.

Shake weight– Probably the most  famous weight in the world... Ideal for strengthening the upper-body muscles, and more specifically your arms, shoulders, and chest in just 6 minutes workout per day.

Slim Bell
 – A spray that improves the skin’s essence while limiting the fat around the waist. You can see the first result in just three weeks.