Perfect body without too much "weight"


The ultimate workout equipment for home.
You think that in order to obtain the body that you dream of, you must lift a lot of weight? There are exercises that perfectly work you out, without any weights, which can be done at home, whenever you want and for any amount of time. Obtain the body you've always dreamed of with 30 minutes a day workout in the comfort of your home. presents two top exercisers for home, that cover the needs of everyone. Even a champion.

With just a few minutes a day, you can obtain a heavenly body and get rid of those extra kilos, with Gymform Abstorm. It combines cardio with the full exercise of upper, lower and side abs, without stressing your back and neck. You can do a lot of exercises and workout all your muscles, while burning fat. Just sit on Gymform Abstorm with your legs outstretched and revolve your upper body, toning your hips and thighs. It has 3 levels of resistance.

Iron Gym Xtreme, thanks to its ergonomic design, can be easily placed on the door and you can workout shoulders, arms and back. with three grips, closed, open and neutral, you can change your everyday life, by integrating a more intense workout. By placing it on the floor, you can do push-ups, without hurting your wrists and the rest of your body. Finally, by placing it on your door, you can workout your abs and upper body.

Create your own gym, cheaply and workout whenever you want. The "champion" body is not a myth, as long as you do it properly. Find everything you need in and make your dream come true.