Summer accessories

files/1/TmStore_Blogshop-Summer_offers.JPGWe need accessories in the summer so as to make our life and our vacation easier. And we are not referring to women accessories. Just the essential summer stuff.

Meaning, refreshing solutions for the hot days and nights, beach accessories for the endless hours at the beach and technological gadgets that will capture our best memories.

Some days and nights are tough due to the heat. What can we do if we do not have air conditioning? The old fashioned solution. Fans! Roof fans, upright fans and desk fans… we chose one depending on our needs.
We do have, however, one more effective alternative solution for those unbearable nights. ComfiCooler pillow, a pillow that keeps us cool throughout the night. Using the above suggestions will help us sleep better. 

Let’s move on. We are at the beach. The wind is lifting our beach towel from our sun bed and won’t let us relax. No need to worry! Our windproof beach towel solves our problem. And if it is not windy, yet we do need a large and soft beach towel, Prince Oliver offers us a variety of wonderful colors.

And that’s not all! There is nothing better and fun than inflatable stuff in the water. Let’s choose the one we like and spend endless hours at the beach. 

It would be even better if we had the appropriate gadgets so that we could capture our wonderful memories and/or possibly use a GPS for our excursions. After all, we all use smartphones, tablets and cameras. 

And after a long day at the beach, it is time we had some refreshing ice cream. No, we are not willing to go out again. We can have our favorite flavor within 30 minutes with our ice cream maker. Or we’d rather have a fresh juice; we can use our powerful blender and enjoy it in a few seconds.

We really hope that the above solutions will make our summer life easier and cooler!