We are warm-hearted people!!

files/1/Blog/TmStore_Blogshop-Snuggie.jpgNot all of us are tolerant to cold temperatures, or warm for that matter! Instead of fighting with your significant other for the ideal temperature levels, see what you can do to shield ourselves from cold.

  1. Select isothermal underwear, undershirts, tights, and knee warmers or body bands, which will warm specific areas of your body, which might suffer from injuries or arthritis. See also the Figurbody-Second Skin  isothermal long-sleeved shirt, one of the warmest and softest shirts you have ever worn, which will become... your second skin!
  2. My grandmother used to tell me that "the cold comes through the feet", and, of course, no one feels comfortable with freezing feet! So, keep your feet warm with the Walkmaxx slippers, which workout your body at the same time, thanks to their special soles, while, for children's feet, select Stompeez slippers in dragon or dog designs, with funny movements with each
  3. Nothing warms you better than a blanket, so why should you be separated with that sense of warmth, as soon as you leave your lovely bed? We are talking about Snuggie, a fleece blanket with sleeves, which warms all your body while leaving your arms free. If the Star Wars look seems a bit far far away, we suggest Quishion, a quilt with zipper that turns into a pillow. 
  4. For those who will be exposed to the elements, waiting for the bus, or on the field, in the garden, or in winter excursions, we suggest an original Poncho raincoat, in red or blue! The ideal shield against cold, air and rain, which turns into a pillow or waterproof blanket. Super!