F-Blend body contouring cream 200 ml

The new and effective treatment to sculpt your body.

From 59,90-67%

Product code: ΦΜΠΛΕΝΤ
Weight: 330 gr

With F-Blend body scilpt you can reduce up to 1 size in only 4 weeks and reduce the appearence of orange peel skin.

-Treat your hips, legs, abdomen and glutes
- Firm, hydrated and smooth skin.
-Esy to apply, penetrates instantly leaving a nice and soft sensation.

The complete Body sculpt treatment includes :
- BODY SCULPT cream - repairs and recovers.
- F:MODEL booster -reduces and sculpt
- F:TENSUP booster -firms and tones

Just blend the components, shake the bottle, and it's ready to use:your unisex, unique, customized BODY SCULPT treatment with a great fragrance.



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