Magic Insta Nails 2 pcs french

Instant manicure and pedicure with professional results french.

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Product code: ΙΝΣΤΑΝ-3
Weight: 200 gr

Magic Insta Nails are adhesive strips made of 100% real nail polish.

Applicable in a dry form. They are easy to apply and as no drying time is needed.

You can go about your daily activities immediately after application and they will not get damage.

Magic Insta Nails are quick and easy to apply! You simply choose your size, remove the strip, apply and go! You can achieve professional manicure results on your own without imperfections and looking even better than in a beauty salon.

- Lasts up to 10 days!
- Magic Insta nails saves you time, money and stress!
- Same strip of Magic Insta Nails works for manicure or pedicure, you choose!
- Removable with regular nail polish. Dose not damage you nails.

With Magic Insta Nails, you can now have perfect long lasting nails on your own in just seconds!



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