Ear Wizard ear wax remover

Ear Wizard, for removing earwax in a soft and hygienic way.


Product code: ΙΑΡΓΟΥΙΖ
Weight: 240 gr

Ear Wizard removes earwax in a soft and hygienic way.
Accumulated ear wax may cause pain. It can damage your hearing or cause ear infection. To prevent this, it is important to regularly clean your ears and remove ear wax.

Ear Wizard is a safe and hygienic way to remove ear wax for both children and adults.

Its special design with the soft silicone and flexible tip removes earwax without causing pain.
It goes just far enough in the ear, and with a simple twist grasps the earwax and safely removes it.

The silicone attachments of Ear Wizard are made of a hygienic type of silicone, which is washable and reusable.
After use, clean the silicon attachments with warm water and a little soap.

The Ear Wizard is comfortable in the hand and with a slight movement it does its job.
In addition, you barely touch the ear canal with the pivoting movement, thus preventing any damage.

1 set is suitable for 4 people!
The Ear Wizard contains 16 attachments in four different colors. Every family member therefore has their own set.
If it is not used, the loose parts can be stored hygienically in the storage box.

The set includes:
- 1 Ear Wizard handle
- 16 attachments in 4 different colors
- 1 storage box



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